Okay, so it was my server that was acting up. After a while I discovered that my server wouldn't load right on any device that didn't already install the PWA on. Thankfully, I had a backup from 2 months ago that got things back to normal. Although now 2 months of my activity is gone. Oh well, I'll have to be more vigilant when updating my server. Haha.

I'm wondering if I should add a relay to my server. I don't want the federated timeline to turn into a firehose but I also want my future users to discover more toots. Any thoughts? Suggestions on relays to use?

Who knew you could run a server with @yunohost on a $10 Digital Ocean droplet? It runs smooth as butter and so much easier than installing it manually.

Wow, sure has a lot of neat new features since I last ran a server. Auto deleting toots, the explore feature, and easier moderation. I have thought about trying other servers but Mastodon is the only one that offers most of the features I want, without the garbage I don't. I might try though at some point down the road for it's unique community focused features but for now I'll see how far I can push Mastodon for my little social network.


Mastodon server exclusively for friends of Kellyn Delgado. Welcome to the Fediverse!