Okay, so it was my server that was acting up. After a while I discovered that my server wouldn't load right on any device that didn't already install the PWA on. Thankfully, I had a backup from 2 months ago that got things back to normal. Although now 2 months of my activity is gone. Oh well, I'll have to be more vigilant when updating my server. Haha.

I'm experimenting with doing occasional long-form blog posts about how to make your own online services.

I've done an initial post about how to make your own Mastodon server using managed hosting providers. If you have time, it would be great to hear feedback about it.

You can read it at:



The Fediverse has spoken... the most popular hot drink is coffee! ☕

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Oh something unpredictable and unforeseeable happened to you? Why didn't you just predict it would and planned accordingly

Illness, pol 

Figures that I'm sick on a long weekend. It's kind of a good thing because I have no sick days and I need every penny I can earn right now. I hate struggling and it sucks that my job doesn't take care of me like everyone seems to think it should. Bottom line, Capitalism is bad.

My pet peeve is when journalists refer to Twitter as the Internet because:

1. Regular people rarely use Twitter
2. Technically-inclined people don't prefer Twitter
3. Other social media services, such as Reddit, have as much usage as Twitter
4. Twitter isn't even where most Internet memes are generated

Dear journalists, if you believe Twitter is representative of the Internet, it's because you're stuck in an echo chamber. Get off Twitter. Go use the actual Internet for once.

Pic is relevant.

Pretty happy to see a post about regarding . I personally prefer or text editors but it's nice to see Chromebooks are getting some love.

Three Text Editors for Chrome OS


What are your favorites no (or little) css websites?

Sarah and I had seitan jackfruit BBQ ribs today. Seitan is a fake meat made from vital wheat gluten. Delicious.

HTTPS is just hypertext playing hard to GET

Bluetooth might be my least favorite technology.

It's like printers in that it does a thing that seems like it should be easy but is in fact very very hard, and it does it in a way that almost, but not entirely, works.

Every time I have to think about bluetooth I get angry, and I have to think about bluetooth every time I turn on my computer or get in my car.

"Alpha Male" the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixing. Unstable and not suitable for the public.

There is something aesthetically pleasing about cats in wicker baskets. #Caturday

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