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songs from my youth should only have the funny/cool lyrics i remember and not the offensive ones i don't

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now you can save your favorite blogs — whether they're on or off @write_as!

I'd love to see a book written on getting started with the indieweb, aimed at people who don't have much experience with computers. Part course on tech literacy, part how-to guide on how to escape the grips of big tech companies. Anyone know if something like that already exists? If not, I'm kind of interested in writing one, so if you are too, send me a message.

Boosts appreciated, and also tagging this in #askfedi

We'd have much better search results if Google pretended to be a normal browser user when indexing.

So much content locked away, or simply not what was indexed.

What is your favourite hot drink?

#Drink #Drinks #HotDrink #HotDrinks #Important #Survey #TheFediverseSpeaks #Tea #Coffee #Cocoa #HotChocolate

Not quite speed but an chip that runs as fast as the 10th gen in my Acer Spin 713 Chromebook? Get me a tablet with this please!

What's your preferred delivery format for online courses?

Select the format that best matches your learning style and needs, the one you'd prefer to get the majority of the content in given a choice.

Nextcloud features an easy to use and powerful web interface. You can access all your files wherever you are and however you like!

Learn more:

I'm wondering if I should add a relay to my server. I don't want the federated timeline to turn into a firehose but I also want my future users to discover more toots. Any thoughts? Suggestions on relays to use?

i have discovered a new musical instrument: cat chasing her tail in a wooden box. here is althea performing a solo

I have so many projects I want to do after I get some friends on I want to launch a capsule (for a personal gemlog and maybe some other stuff), start a focused blog, and get a personal website up and running so I can get some and experience and control my presence at the same time. I'm pretty excited to get started and I haven't been excited about much in a while! What neat projects are you working on?

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